See You On The Dance Floor 2014 Live Mix

Do You Like Trance / PsyProg / Goa ???
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Track List :

1. Yahel - Pink Stars 00:00 min
2. Yahel - Atmosphere ( Upgrade Cut Remix ) 5:50 min
3. Yahel & Darma - Feeding My Brain 12:10 min
4. Yahel & Infected Mushroom -
Electro Panic ( Yahel & Funk Truck Remix ) 16:10 min
5. Yahel-Intellegent life (Invisible Reality Remix) 23:45 min
6. Yahel - Now Fucking Dance (System Nipel Remix) 29:10 min
7. Yahel - Drop Attack 34:34 min
8. Yahel - Automatic
( Yahel & Dominant Space vs Didrapest Remix) 40:13 min
9. Yahel - Cat On Acid 46:07 min
10.Yahel & Liya - Creatures (Darma Dub mix) 51:20 min
11.Yahel - Close Your Eyes (Mindwave Remix) 55:10 min
12.Yahel - Butterfly (Liquid Sound Remix) 59:59 min

All tracks W&P By Yahel Sherman.
Exept :
** “Feeding My Brain” with Darma (Adam Belo)
** “Electro Panic” with Infected Mushroom
( Erez Izen & Amit Duvdevani )
** “Creatures” with Liya Trebitch

Spacial thanks to Liya,Darma And all the producers which participated in creating this masterpiece.

Funk Truck ( Moran Ben Meir & David Katshiner)

Invisible Reality (Shamil Abramov & Igor Sorin)
System Nipel ( Rubi Yakobov & Anton Lunev )
Didrapest ( Hanan Ben Armon )
Mindwave (Anton Maiko )
Liquid Sound ( Bane Dobesh)

Dominant Space (Yuji Ono )

We from Plusquam Records are more than proud to present the brand new hit-album ‘Architech’ by Yahel, having released 10 albums so far and worked for more than 15 years into music business with numerous legendary labels such as Hommega, Phonokol, Armada.

Finally he entered Plusquam Records to fulfill his new transformation in sounding from full-on to stompy progressive trance.

He collaborated with contemporary known artists such as Mindwave, Darma, System Nipel or Didrapest.

His creations are melodious and punchy on the backend so it is definitely something for your DJ stash or private music collection to be used a lot.

Enjoy this new journey and do not miss this powerful new sound by Yahel

Hello ! it’s djyahel The opportunity of my remix to appear on an upcoming Beyoncé release. Click on the link :  http://endoftime.beyonceonline.com/tracks/959  or go to beyonceonline.com  Listen, and write your comment, i’ll read all.  And if you like it….  vote (-:  Thanks  Yahel

Hello ! it’s djyahel 
The opportunity of my remix to appear on an upcoming Beyoncé release. 
Click on the link :  http://endoftime.beyonceonline.com/tracks/959 
 or go to beyonceonline.com  
Listen, and write your comment, i’ll read all.  
And if you like it….  
vote (-: